OOM7 – Sheffield Quads Report

The BUTBA Tour returned to MFA Firth Park, Sheffield once again this season, this time for the annual combination handicap Quads competition, hosted by the University of Sheffield. With many students competitors still delighting over some brilliant performances from the BUCS Championships, held here in late February, and a difficult oil pattern, in the form of a modified WTBA Stockholm, to compete on, it promised to be an interesting competition.

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Birmingham Baker Fives Tournament Report

Sunday 9th March saw the University of Birmingham debut not only their first competition on the BUTBA Tour, but also a new format to the calendar – Baker Fives.

12397179Students and ex-students travelled to Rugby Superbowl to compete in the second tournament of the year in which student and ex-student’s competed against one another. With the addition of Birmingham’s fives competition to the calendar along with the annual fives held in Nottingham at the start of the season, this year’s BUTBA Tour has been all about coming together as a team, and Birmingham are by far one of the best university teams out there to represent a team orientated event. To add a twist to the generic baker format, all teams played five games of five man, followed by five games of baker before qualification.

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