Featured Bowler – November

Nicky Donowski

What did you study at university? Chemical and Process Engineering

What do you do as a day job? Quality Process Engineer

High Game: 278

High Series: 694

How long have you been bowling? 19 years

How did you start bowling?

My dad took my sister and I along to Stirchley YBC.

Is there anyone who has been influential on you as a bowler?

Zara was one of the best female bowlers when I started and she influenced me to improve and work at my game.

You are heavily involved with the Warwickshire and Leicestershire County Association. Tell us about how you got involved, what you do and why you decided to take up these additional responsibilities?

I am currently the Team Manager for the YAC teams and have bowled for the county since I was 12, so I decided to give back to the county as they have done a lot for me and to support younger bowlers coming through.

You have also started working with Stroud YBC recently. What do you enjoy about helping out the newly established clubs?

I currently help coach every Friday at the YBC and the part I enjoy the most is seeing new young bowlers enjoying the sport, even still smiling after a gutter ball. The other rewarding part I have found is when they listen and take on board any advice and start to see their scores improve.

Bowling is often considered a rather nonathletic sport. As a bowler who takes her training off the lanes just as seriously as her training on the lanes, can you tell us why you think maintaining your overall fitness is so important?

I find taking my training seriously not only benefits my overall physical health but my mental health as well. Being in a positive head space is important in bowling as the mental game is a crucial aspect to the sport, I find training on and off the lanes helps with this side of the game.

What has been your most memorable moment on the lanes?

Winning the YAC county title in 2014 with the Warwickshire Girls.

What are your targets/ambitions for this season?

My ambitions for this season are to compete in the sports league at Stroud to help improve my bowling on all conditions and translate this to tournament play.

What kit is in your bag at the moment?

Cruel, Venom Shock, Octane, Totally Defiant, Critical Theory, Natural Pearl, Spare Ball.

What one piece of advice would you give to our new tour members?

My advice for anyone new to the tour or bowling is to always make sure you enjoy what you are doing. It’s worth it if you enjoy it.