Sheffield Quads – Entry Form Now Available


The entry form for stop 6 of the Order of Merit is now online. This time the tour is on its way to 1st Bowl Sheffield for the Sheffield Quads on Saturday 16th Feburary.

The Tournament is a handicapped combination quads event with each team forming: two doubles; a trios and a single; and a four, such that each competitor bowls one doubles; trios or single (all team members playing in the fours). Each section will consist of a single 3-game block bowled on a pair of lanes, and each competitor will thus play 9 games in total.

Please note the following:

  • This is a handicap split division event (students and ex-students have separate allocations)
  • Entry fee is £31 per player and £124 per team
  • Student teams must come from the same institution (honorary bowlers must be registered before hand)
  • There are 11 spots for students and 11 spots for ex-students. In the event of over subscription, equal entitlement applies.
  • The closing date is Saturday 2nd February and all monies will be required by this time. Entries can be submitted to Craig Harmon on (NOTE: New email address). Please make sure the team is decided upon before entering. In the event of a team pulling out after the closing deadline, they will still be liable for the entry fee due to fund allocation, you have been warned. 

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