BUCS Championships – Ones to Watch


With the most popular competition and highlight of the year less than a month away, BUTBA reflects on the performances from last year and this year so far to bring you the bowlers and clubs we feel will be topping the tables this year to get those all important BUCS points for the universities and hopefully being selected for BUCS Team Great Britain…

Female Individuals

Rebekah Hamlet (University of Lincoln); Topping the Female Individual tables at BUCS last year with a 214.4 average, Bekah is definitely one to watch this year. Making the GB Rep squad last year, she is currently bowling a 194 average. Bekah is consistent, accurate and isn’t afraid to play down the edge to give herself an advantage over her competitors.

Rachael McKenzie (Leeds Metropolitan University); BUCS Captain for 3 years and 2nd place in the Female Individual tables for 3 years, this year Rachael is determined to be at the top. Currently 3rd in the 2013/14 OOM tables and averaging 182 over two events. Though lacking sometimes in accuracy, she is competitive and MFA Firth Park is one of her best scoring centres.

Hannah Bratton-Smith (University of Kent); Coming 5th in the Female Individual tables in 2011/12 she climbed to 3rd last year with a 197.7 average and represented the GB Team in Paris. Hannah’s unique style amongst women gives her a great advantage, combined with her ability to perform well under pressure, this year could be her year at BUCS.

Other’s to watch;

Tiffany Nock (Leeds Metropolitan University); currently averaging 170+

Rachel Hodds (University of Coventry); currently averaging 170+

Louise Parker (Manchester Metropolitan University); currently averaging 178

Hui Erh Tey (Imperial College); currently averaging 199

Danielle Ediker (University of Nottingham); currently averaging 173


Female Teams

Imperial College; Coming 3rd last year, Imperial look good to come in the top 3 once again.

Nottingham Trent University; Coming 2nd last year, Nottingham Trent University have only looked to get better this year.

Loughborough University; Although not entering a full female team last year, Loughborough have been long time veterans at the top of BUCS tables, and with a club revamp this year, have produced some confident female bowlers on tour this year.

University of Nottingham; With impressive performances so far this year, Nottingham could not only be the team to watch on Tour, but also at BUCS.


Male Individuals

Jonathan Spivey (University of Portsmouth); Despite dropping from his 2011/12 BUCS performance of a 215.9 average and a bronze medal to a 209.3 average last year, Jon can do nothing but go up from here. Jon is a calm bowler, and rarely gets distracted, giving him a great advantage over the less experienced BUCS competitors.

Sean Khua (University of Nottingham); Another new-comer to the Nottingham club, Sean has bounded above the rest this year, currently 6th in the OOM – unsurprising given his 211 average this year. If he can keep this up, he could give old hat BUCS competitors a run for their money.

Mike Hurst (Loughborough University); Last years Vice Captain, with a 192.9 average. Averaging 208 on tour this year, Mike looks set to repeat his BUCS performance from two years ago and safely gain a place once again the in GB rep squad.

Matt Fidgett (Loughborough University); Having only seen Matt bowl in Cup this year so far, he is currently on a 190 average, shy of his 205 average last year. However, if he can repeat his performance of last years BUCS, winning silver in the Mens Team and bronze in the Mens Individuals with a 217.7 average, Matt looks set to be in the GB rep squad again, with his easy style and experience giving him an edge on newer bowlers.

Brian Gillespie (Edinburgh Napier University); A Scottish YAC and international star, Brian debuts in student bowling this season at BUCS, representing Edinburgh Napier. With his past experience and long list of achievements at all levels, he looks to be the one setting the pace this year.

Chris Lam (University of Manchester); Overall winner of the Men’s Individual last year on a massive 226.7 average, Chris made the GB rep squad last year and looks set to return this year to do the same.

Other’s to watch;

Mark Hodds (Loughborough University); currently averaging 214

Simon Atkins (University of Nottingham); currently averaging 194

Curtis Berry (Nottingham Trent University); currently averaging 190

Felix Lee (University of Warwick); currently averaging 194

Saiful Salihudin (University of Nottingham); currently averaging 205

Curtis Hooper (Loughborough University); currently averaging 212

Paul Marks (Manchester Metropolitan University); currently averaging 194


Male Teams

University of Nottingham; It’s no surprise that Nottingham are one of the teams to watch this year, with their amazing performances in the Tour so far this year. They came 7th last year in BUCS, however, have greatly improved this year and have gained many good bowlers. We have also seen a massive turnout from Nottingham this season, which makes them look set to not only have one brilliant team in BUCS but the possibility of a second.

Nottingham Trent University; Having won the Men’s Team last year ar BUCS, Nottingham Trent should be confident to repeat a medal position this year, with many of their bowlers showing a great improvement on their last years averages.

Loughborough University; Long standing BUCS medallists and GB rep squad producers Loughborough look confident to repeat, if not better, their 2nd and 16th place finishes from last year. A confirmed Loughborough A team of Mike Hurst, Mark Hodds, Jordan Wong, Curtis Hooper, Matt Fidgett and Matt Harris could well see all BUCS teams have to truly bring out their best at the competition this year.


We wish everyone at BUCS this year the best of luck and hope that it will be as exciting a competition as it looks set to be.

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