Featured Bowler – June

Laura Elliott

What are you studying at university? Classical Literature and Civilisation

High Game: 235

High Series: 600

How long have you been bowling?

I have been bowling in official leagues since I was 6 but I’ve been bowling ever since I first started to walk.

How did you start bowling?

My dad was in a seniors league and he used to take me bowling with him when I was little. Eventually I asked if I could have a go and he started teaching me how to bowl.

Is there anyone who has been influential on you as a bowler?

Definitely my dad because he’s really been the only coach I’ve had and I wouldn’t be bowling without him having taught me.

What has been your most memorable moment on the lanes to date?

When I was in Leeds YBC, I managed to win the annual knockout competition and it was probably the hardest competition I’ve won to date.

You have topped the student female scratch rankings in your first year on tour! How does it feel and what have been your impressions of the BUTBA tour?

I’m really happy I managed to top the rankings, I didn’t really know anything about the uni bowling scene so it was definitely a nice surprise to do this well in my first year. The BUTBA tour has been really interesting as well; getting to travel and play against other clubs was something I hadn’t really done before.

You also won the student female scratch championship this year, beating Philippa Relf who was last year’s runner up? Tell us about how that tournament went for you.

I’d never really played a tournament with that format before, where the lowest player is dropped, so I was slightly nervous about whether I’d be able to hold it together for all 3 games. Thankfully I managed to adapt to the lanes fairly quickly and from there it was just a matter of trying to keep calm and not let my good first game make me complacent. Going into the last game, things just seemed to go well and I was able to pip Philippa to the post.

What have been your personal targets/ambitions for this season?

I mainly just wanted to try and get back into bowling as for the 2 years before coming to uni, I hadn’t been bowling very regularly. My priority was to bring my average back up to around 160 and I’m happy to say I managed to do it!

What kit is in your bag at the moment?

I have my reactive ball, spare ball, bowling shoes, towel, wire brush and ball cleaner.

What one piece of advice would you give to our new tour members?

The best advice I can give is to just give as many tournaments as possible a go to gain experience and meet new people. Even if you’re just a beginner you’ll come away from the competition improved no matter how well you place.