2012/2013 Season


This page shows all the BUTBA and BUCS events for the 2012/2013 season. Please note that these are subject to change and should be treated as so.

DatesIDTournament NameVenueEntry FormFacebook EventResultsReport
20th October 2012OOM 1Warwick Doubles1st Bowl, Nuneaton
28th October 2012OOM 2Nottingham Fives1st Bowl, Nottingham
11th November 2012CUP 1BUTBA Cup Group StagesVariousResults
18th November 2012OOM 3Imperial TriosRoller Bowl, Romford

9th December 2012 OOM 4Loughborough Diamond Sixes1st Bowl, IlkestonFacebook
26th January 2013OOM 5Hull Memorial TriosAMF Bowling, ScunthorpeFacebook
16th February 2013OOM 6Sheffield Quads1st Bowl, Sheffield

23rd and 24th
February 2013
BUCSBUCS Championships1st Bowl, SheffieldEntry
10th March 2013OOM 7Leeds Doubles1st Bowl, Leeds

21st April 2013OOM 8Chesterfield FoursChesterfield BowlFacebook
12th May 2013OOM 9Leeds Met SinglesHollywood Bowl, Leeds

6th July 2013MASMastersSuperbowl Rugby






7th July 2013CHAChallenge MatchSuperbowl Rugby


The BUTBA Cup is an annual event that pits University against University to fight it out for the title of BUTBA Cup champions. The cup is open to all member clubs and takes part throughout the year. The cup has taken place now for XX years and a full breakdown of winners can be found in the records section of this website.

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The BUTBA Cup is a University vs University competition. Each club must field 12 bowlers (9 bowlers minimum), 3 of which can be honorary bowlers (bowlers from other Universities that do not have a club) and at least 2 of which must be female. The club of 12 bowlers is split into four trios teams (referred to as A, B, C and D) based in average order. Each team plays against the opponents respective team (A vs A etc) with a point available for each game (scratch) and the overall 3 game series (scratch). Across the 4 teams, 16 points are on offer for each University.

Within the group stage, a win against a University (8.5 points or more) gives the club 3 points in their respective group whereas a draw (8 points) gives the club 1 point and a loss (7.5 points of less) gives the club 0 points. Once all matches are played, the top ranked team in the group goes straight to the final whereas the second placed team goes into a wildcard playoff group using the same criteria as above. In the wildcard playoff group, the top ranked team once the matches have taken place will become the 4th team in the final.

The final consists of a straight semi-final and final knockout. A random drawing is made to determine the pairings. In the semi-finals, the winning club goes through to the final and the losing team goes through to the 3rd/4th based playoff. The winners and losers of the respective matches then are used to determine the final placings. To be crowned champions, a club must win both the semi-finals and finals.

Entrants for 2012/2013 Season

For the 2012/2013 season, there are nine member clubs that have entered.

At the AGM at the start of the season, these nine clubs were drawn into three groups of three dependent on geography. The groups were as follows:

Southern GroupMidlands GroupNorthern Group
ImperialLoughboroughLeeds Met

Group Stages

The group stages for the 2012/2013 season took place on Sunday 11th November at various centers throughout the country.

The results were as follows:

 Southern GroupMidlands GroupNorthern Group
ChampionsImperial (6)Loughborough (4)*Sheffield (6)
Runner UpSouthampton (3)Warwick (4)*Nottingham (3)
Third PlacePortsmouth (0)Brunel (0)Leeds Met (0)

* Placings decided upon pin fall as total points was equal

As a result of the group stages, the winners of each group (Imperial, Loughborough and Sheffield) progress to the finals. Portsmouth, Warwick and Nottingham University progress to the wildcard group stages in the new year.

Wildcard Group Stages

The wildcard group stage saw Southampton, Warwick and Nottingham play each other to take the final spot in the finals. Portsmouth managed to clinch the final spot.


The finals were held in Rugby Superbowl on the 5th May 2013. The semi-final draw pitted Loughborough against Warwick and Imperial against Sheffield. The results for the semi-final matches were as follows:

TeamPoints PointsTeam

This meant that Sheffield would contest Loughborough in the final while Portsmouth would contest Imperial. These results were as follows:

TeamPoints PointsTeam

These results meant that the teams were awarded the following positions:

  • 1st – Loughborough University
  • 2nd – University of Sheffield
  • 3rd – Portsmouth University
  • 4th – Imperial University

A full downloadable results sheet including averages and high game/series awards can be accessed here.