BUCS Championships Update



A quick update on the BUCS Championships.


Pre-Event Information

The Pre-Event Information will be released by BUCS tomorrow in the weekly BUCS Life newsletter.



On the Saturday night there will be the BUCS Gatorade Nationals Official Party, hosted by Sheffield Hallam Student Union. More information is available here.


BUCS Representative Squad

If you would like to be considered for the BUCS Representative Squad (Student Team GB), then you will have to fill in a Nomination Form (available here). Please email the completed form to me (bucs@butba.co.uk) or hand them to the registration desk at the Championships. All forms must be submitted by the end of Saturday 22nd February.


I am pleased to announce that the 2014/5 BUCS Representative Squad Captains will be Louise Parker and Jonathan Spivey. We will use the information on the nomination forms, bowler’s performances at the Championships, and performances at previous tournaments to help us select the squads.


Even if you, or a student you know, won’t be attending the Championships then you can still submit a Nomination Form before Saturday 22nd if you would like to be considered.


Lane Schedule Amendment

There has been a minor amendment to the lane schedule, and it’s only the Saturday afternoon mens trios squad that is affected – the teams concerned are Birmingham A, Birmingham C, Loughborough A, Loughborough B, Nottingham A, Nottingham Trent, Portsmouth and UCL. The latest version of the lane schedule is available on the link in the previous article, and will also be sent out with the Pre-Event Information tomorrow.


I look forward to seeing you all in a couple of weeks! Any questions or queries please let me know (bucs@butba.co.uk)!

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